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Sensible Solutions for SMME’s

Strategy Development

You may have been told that if you have a vision and mission statement, you strategy is complete.  In fact, a vision and mission statement are very small components of an effective strategy.

Consider the following questions:

  1. When last did you review your overall strategy?
  2. When last did you consider you product/service life cycles?
  3. When last did you talk about business sustainability?
  4. When last did you review all you service/product delivery channels?

Our research shows more than 85% of businesses with a turnover less than R 300 M review their strategies at least once in 36 months.

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SMME’s require simple, affordable and flexible solutions.  With a management track record going back to 1983, our experience is a valuable source to build important insights for our clients.

We have worked on many local and international consulting projects.  This means that we can help develop best practices in a relatively short time

Turnaround Interventions

Did you know that the first signals that a business should turn itself around show up at least 36 months before a crisis?

Waiting to turn a business around the moment there is a crisis, may be too late.

Our Turnaround Diagnostics could help save your business before it is too late.

List of Services

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B-BBEE Recommendations

Business Planning

Ethics Guidance

Innovation Support

Management Development

Operational Efficiencies Development

Product Improvement

Professional Writing

Service Improvement

Skills Development Advice

Strategy Development

Turnaround Interventions

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B-BBEE Recommendations

Most South African businesses are confronted with the issue of B-BBEE compliance. Talk to us about a sustainable and affordable B-BBEE strategy.

Business Planning

It is a myth that business plans are only needed when applying for finance.  Business plans actually tell the story of how a strategy is to be implemented, measured and adjusted as a business goes through economic cycles.

Talk to us about the creation of a business plan or to help you assess your current business plan.

Ethics Workshops

Our research shows that ethical norms have changed significantly over the last fifteen years.  Many questionable practices are now regarded as “normal”.  The hard reality is that customers and suppliers became more conscious of ethics than ever before.

Talk to us about the development of your ethics framework.

Innovation Support

In today’s competitive business environment, innovation is inevitable.  Some think that innovation only applies to the development of new products or technologies.  Services also need constant innovation.

Talk to us to develop a 24-point innovation plan that could increase the competitiveness of your business.

Management Development

There comes a time in the life of any business where management skills must be upgraded.  Also, there comes a time when business owners must step back and allow others to manage the business.  Selecting the right candidate is essential.

More essential, however, is to ensure that the candidate has the right training to be an effective manager.

Our unique Boot Camp for Young First-Time Managers may just be what you need.

Operational Efficiencies

Our research shows more than 60% of businesses (regardless of turnover) struggle with operational efficiencies.  To illustrate our point, when last did you find a business that blows your mind with the way they do things?  How often do you feel you can scream because the business you are dealing with has completely lost the plot?

Our Efficiencies Barometer is designed to establish a baseline regarding your operational efficiency.  Thereafter the Barometer can help track how your efficiency profile changes over time.

Product Improvement

Products need regular review and improvement.

Our unique Product Review Barometer enables clients to understand the quality dimensions associated with a product.  Feedback from the Barometer provides clients with insight on how their products measuring up to a pre-defined list of expectations.

Professional Writing

In need of an opinion piece, article, book, presentation?

Send us a brief and we will call you back

Service Improvement

They say “The Customer is King”.  How do your customer view the levels of service they receive from you?

Our unique Service Barometer is able to track your service levels over time, and to detect changes in those key performance areas that matter to customer.

Call us today to get you first Service Barometer Report.

Skills Development

Many businesses are trapped in a myth that:

  1. The best education can only be found at universities
  2. Skills Development and B-BBEE is the same thing

Did you know that business owners can get significant tax breaks when their children make use of our skills development solutions?