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Sensible Solutions for SMME’s

Specialist solutions for SMME’s  

Most businesses do not have access to Blue Label consultants.  

They need flexible and affordable guidance to make sense of the issues they experience.

Objective feedback and advice is just a phone call away.

Successful SMME’s are willing to learn from objective feedback.

It is important to pause and reflect from time to time.  Working on one’s business is just as important as working in the business.

Smart business owners think, consult, act and learn.

We offer a common-sense approach to business challenges.

Since 2009, we have provided meaningful insights to many owners of small and medium enterprises.

Often, a conversation over a simple cup of coffee is the key to unlock solutions that were not obvious at first sight.

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We do not do “MBA speak”. We engage using clear and simple language

It is not the glamour of consultants that counts.  The ability provide substantive insights that make sense, is one of our key differentiators

With over seventy years’ collective experience in the corporate and SMME world, we believe that we can add unique insights to your business issues.

Small to medium businesses owners and managers work very hard “in the business” but do not find time to work “on the business”.

Our team is trained to engage with and guide business owners towards sustainable growth goals.

We do not believe in gimmicks.  In fact, anyone can go onto the Internet and download wise words from some business coach or entrepreneurial guru. Unfortunately, those wise words mean nothing unless it brings sustainable and sense-making solutions.

Every business is different.  What works for one, may not work for another.

When we engage with a client, we look at all the dimensions of the client’s business.

In our experience, many business owners are frustrated because well-meaning competitors focus on only one dimension at a time.

Our unique Entity Health Barometer enable us to understand on what priorities should we and the client should focus first.

Unlike some, competitors, we prefer to engage for life and to reassess a client’s business with our Health Barometer at least once a year.

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